15 Best Things To Do In Big Island, Hawaii

Pele goddess of fire on Big Island

If you asked me which is the best Hawaiian Island to visit, I’d say Big Island. Why? Hawaii’s Big Islands offers everything – nature operates at its most dramatic – where else can you witness new land being spewed forth from the earth’s core; the beaches are not just pretty but also rare (Big Island has … Read more

Which Hawaiian Island is the Best to Visit? Quick Guide

Hawaii Palm Trees

Fly just 6 hours from the west coast of the USA and you can find yourself in the tropical paradise of the North Pacific Hawaiian Islands. Beaches, jungles, snow-cloaked mountains, active volcanoes, desert, and 11 out of 13 of the world’s climates, Hawaii has a staggering amount of diversity packed into a small area. It’s one … Read more

22 Best Things To Do in Maui – Hawaii

moonscape of haleakala national park in maui

With psychedelic rainbow eucalyptus trees, fresh-baked banana bread, moonscape volcanic craters and the opportunity to listen to the eerie sound of humpback whales singing, it is safe to say that Maui is one of the most surreal of all the Hawaiian islands. That’s why I’m so keen to encourage people off their beach loungers and … Read more

16 Best Things To Do In Kauai, Hawaii

napali coastline

Why Kauai? In short, adrenaline…and peace in equal proportions. Whilst it may be known as the Garden Island, Kauai is like no garden I’ve ever visited in my native England. The island may be a 5 million year old dormant volcano (what?) but its unique and diverse topography will find you scrabbling for your hiking … Read more