How To Spend 3 Days in San Diego (with Solo & Budget Travel Tips)

With a history that spans back over 10,000 years, it can be hard to squeeze everything into 3 days when you visit San Diego, but it’s fun trying. And I’ve produced this itinerary to help you do it. I arrived in San Diego after several months in Mexico and despite plans to spend only a couple of nights … Read more

The Best Things To Do At NASA in Houston

Space shuttle picture at NASA

Fewer than 700 people have been to space but with a visit to Space Center Houston in Texas, you can explore space without leaving planet Earth. In this post, I’ll share details of my visit so you know what to see and what to expect. About Space Center Houston Space Center Houston opened in 1992. … Read more

15 Best Deep Dish Pizza Places in Chicago

Meat pizza with cheese and basil

Pizza is a big deal in Chicago. So big that the windy city even has its own Chicago style pizza. What is it? Deep pan, with a pie-like bottomed crust, stuffed with layers of cheese and crushed tomato sauce, with a thick layer of mozzarella cheese on top. It’s an institution in the city. And … Read more

La Paz Mexico – Full Travel Guide & Attractions

Sunset in La Paz in Mexico's Baja California peninsula

From hot orange sunsets to the glittering turquoise of The Sea of Cortez to sea lions, whale sharks and powder soft sands, La Paz in Mexico is a dream vacation destination. Add in tacos galore, great hotels and the fact that it’s one of the friendliest Mexico beach towns I’ve ever been to, and it’s … Read more

How to Get to Papakolea Green Sand Beach, Hawaii

Unedited picture of green sand beach in Hawaii

I stand at the top of a volcanic tuff ring that was formed over 49,000 years ago and look down at the glitter of green-golden sand. I’m about to step foot on something extraordinarily rare, and suddenly the 17-hour flight, 2-hour drive and 1-hour hike seem completely worthwhile. Carefully, slowly, surely, I pick my way … Read more

Guide To Yucatan State in Mexico – with Maps

Merida in Mexico's Yucatan state with yellow colonial buildings

Sitting on the east coast of Mexico, Yucatan State is one of Mexico’s 31 states and it’s one my favourites. From world-famous Chitzen Itza to colonial cities like Valladolid and beautiful swimming holes (cenotes), there’s every reason to visit this corner of Mexico. In this guide I’ll share everything you need to know about the … Read more

Guide to The Hawaiian Islands – Maps, Names & Facts

Map of the hawaiian islands

According to Mark Twain, Hawaii is “The loveliest fleet of islands that lies anchored in any ocean.” I couldn’t agree more. But there is more to the Hawaiian islands than most of us realise. For example, did you know there are actually 137 Hawaiian islands? I didn’t, either, until I spent 4 months exploring Hawaii. … Read more

18 Hawaiian Fruits For A Taste of The Tropics

Hawaii – the north pacific’s beautiful tropical islands filled with swaying palm trees, hula dancing, big wave surfing and flaming sunsets. And where there is tropical weather, there are exotic fruits. From the medicinal noni juice to world-famous Maui pineapples, there are a lot of Hawaiian fruits to sink your teeth into. Some of them … Read more

19 Best Things To Do In Downtown LA

LA skyline seen from the Griffith observatory

Downtown Los Angeles, or DTLA as it’s known to locals, is usually missed by tourists but it should absolutely be on your itinerary when you’re exploring LA. I get it, Hollywood, Beverley Hills and the beautiful coastal spots of Santa Monica and Venice Beach are the big draws, but if you want to get beneath … Read more

The Safest Places in Mexico For Tourists To Visit

Caribbean sea at tulum in Mexico

I love Mexico. And I hate that is has such a bad reputation. I find this reputation is far worse in the USA and Canada compared to Europe. I’m kind of thankful for that because in the UK I’m not flooded by bad news stories that might have scared me off visiting. Instead, I did … Read more