Visiting the Bombay Sapphire Gin Distillery, England

I’ve drunk Bombay Sapphire gin all over the world. Literally. In that bar in Hong Kong, where the theme was blue, and Bombay Sapphire was the perfect fit. In that tiny mountain town in the USA, where I came across the white label version (mystery behind that uncovered below). I’ve found it on offer in … Read more

24 Things To Do Around Kings Cross St Pancras – London

Things to do near kings cross St Pancras St Pancras Station

Got some time near Kings Cross St Pancras in London but don’t want to take on the vastness of the city? Or perhaps you’ve ‘done’ Covent Garden so many times you feel like you could become a tour guide. Why not explore one of London’s most up and coming postcodes? Here are 25 things to … Read more

The Ginstitute Gin Making Experience in London – Review

The Ginstitute has been on my radar (gindar?) for a while. In fact, I listed it as one of the things I wanted to do in London. It took me a few years to get around to it (these things can’t be rushed) but with a friend’s big birthday coming up – the kind that … Read more

10 Best Things To Do In West Coast Scotland

west coast of scotland irish sea and castle walls

I was in my 30s by the time I took my first trip to Scotland – quite an embarrassing confession given: a) Scotland is the neighbour of my native England; b) I didn’t need a passport (or even a flight) to get there; and c) I’d otherwise managed to take myself literally halfway around the … Read more

10 Traditional Irish Dishes To Try in Ireland

I spent four years at university with a wonderful Irish lad (hello, Barry) and during that time was introduced to traditional Irish food as eaten by an Irishman. So, I was very excited to find myself planning an unexpected trip to Ireland at the end of this month..and it made me think of my favourite … Read more

Clink78 Hostel London: A Night in A Prison Cell

Guilty sign in courtroom of Clink 78 Hostel

Last weekend I spent a night in a prison cell. Fortunately, I walked free the following day without any (criminal) record of my stay. How? I booked a night at Clink78 in London. Clink78: History If you’re not familiar with Clink78, it is a hostel and hotel in London near Kings Cross train station that … Read more

Afternoon Tea at the Langham Hotel London – Review

Afternoon Tea At The Langham Hotel London

I’m not much of a planner these days but last weekend has been marked in my diary for months – a much-needed catch up with my old college room-mate, co-conspirator and long-term friend. Of course, we see each other when we can but between her adorable children (note to the eldest: you should be a … Read more