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Regional Food in Puglia - What and where to eat

Regional Food in Puglia: What And Where to Eat

Regional food in Puglia is a blend of local produce & slow food traditions with space for gourmet and play - street food and spontaneous vegetables, anyone?... Read more →
Best Destinations for Solo Female Travelers

Best Destinations for Solo Female Travelers

Want to know what the best destinations for solo female travelers are? I've traveled to over 50 countries, usually alone. Here are my recommended places.... Read more →
Around the world

Video – Watch 3 Years of Travel in 3 Minutes

Ever wondered what an around the world trip looks like? My 1 year trip turned into a 3 year extravaganza. Here's 3 years of travel captured in 3 minutes.... Read more →
Is Naples Safe?

Is Naples Safe? – The Answer From Someone Who Has Been

The promise of the world's best pizza and some of Italy's best architecture, but is Naples Safe? As a solo female traveller I felt as safe as in any city.... Read more →