The Best Bars in Verbier – Switzerland

group at apres ski bar in verbier

Flights booked. Accommodation sorted. Ski lift map downloaded. Now all you need to do is work out your après-ski plans. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Here is a list of the best bars in Verbier and the surrounding areas. I have even included a suggestion for great absinthe – trust me (thousands wouldn’t). I also have a guide to the best restaurants in Verbier. And, if you’re looking for guides to the best things to do in Verbier, check out my separate Winter and Summer guides, as well as how to get to Verbier from Geneva. Pub Mont Fort … Read more

The Best Restaurants in Verbier – Switzerland

Whether you’re in Verbier for the ski or taking a summer hike through the Swiss Alps, or just there for the food (reason enough, if you ask me), you’re going to want to explore Verbier’s vibrant food scene – both on the mountain and down in the town. In this article, I’ve gathered together a collection of the best restaurants in Verbier and the 4 Valleys area. I haven’t forgotten the aprés ski – I’ve also written a guide to the best bars in Verbier. And if you’re looking for guides to the best things to do in Verbier, check … Read more

How to Get To Verbier From Geneva

Verbier is a year-round destination in the Swiss Alps. Located in Swiss canton, Valais, and featuring the 4 Vallées ski area, it’s one of Europe’s premier ski resorts in winter. But Verbier is a summer destination, too – those alpine mountains are every bit as tempting for hiking and biking when the snow has gone. The great news is Verbier is easy to reach. In this article, I’ll share how to get to Verbier from Geneva. And if you want tips for the best things to do in Verbier, check out my seasonal guides: The Best Things to Do in … Read more

10 Things To Do In The Vercors, Isère In Summer

Known affectionately as the limestone citadel, the Vercors Massif in the French Prealps has wide alpine pastures surrounded by craggy cliffs that give rise to plenty of winding balcony roads. All of this rocky scenery means that the Vercors has some of the best cycling in France as well as day hikes, long-distance hiking trails, rock climbing and mountain climbing areas in its mountains. Set in the departments of Isère and Drome in southeastern France, just over an hour from Lyon, the areas of the Vercors in Isère include Quatre Montagnes in the north (Autrans, Méaudre, Lans-en-Vercors, and Villard-de-Lans), Royans, … Read more

The Best Things To Do In Verbier In Winter

Verbier is a Swiss mountain town and a modern hub that sits high up in the Alps. It has grown out of solid sporting roots, and an active lifestyle is embedded in the culture. Many pro athletes choose Verbier as home base, the great outdoors a playground for activity and extreme sport both in winter and summer. But it is most famous as a ski resort, one with jaw-dropping scenery, a glamorous resort life, legendary après and world-class ski terrain.  Over the years, it has diversified and is now very much a winter-break destination (skiing not essential) where you can … Read more

12 Best Things To Do on the Cote d’Argent

The Cote d’Argent is a 230-kilometre stretch of pure sandy beach – the longest (and damn sight finest) in Europe. It sits in the southwest corner of France on the Atlantic coast famous for surfing, holidaying, outdoor activities and eating. Locals will tell you that Napoleon loved it here and was the one to initiate building its seaside resorts. Located south from Bordeaux, head down into French Basque Country where you’ll find sandy but raw coastline, with beaches backed by sand dunes and huge pine forests.  Here’s my guide to the 12 best things to do in Cote d’Argent. 1. … Read more

10 Best Things To Do in Toulouse France

When people think about the South of France, most would picture the beautiful beaches and resort towns of the French Riviera. But did you know there’s so much more to this amazing region? In particular, the beautiful city of Toulouse, the capital of the South West region of France. Toulouse is an intriguing mix of old and new, with a historic centre filled with beautiful architecture dating back centuries, while also serving as the headquarters for European space study and the multinational aerospace corporation Airbus. To help you get your head around the best places to visit and things to see … Read more

The Best Things To Do in Verbier in Summer

If I asked you to think of Verbier in the Swiss Alps, you’d probably conjure up images of snowy scenes, days spent skiing and evenings huddled around log fires or packed into a bar indulging in some late night après-ski. But what happens when the thaw starts, the ski-season ends, and Verbier’s winter tourists go home? You might think Verbier turns into an out-of-season ghost town, as desolate as a scene from Stephen King’s The Shining (shudder). Yet the reality couldn’t be more different. Underneath all that powder lies thousands of kilometres of trails and footpaths – prime for biking … Read more

Things To Do In Sainte-Maxime in The French Riviera

Sainte Maxime villa on the French Riviera

When you think of the ‘French Riviera’ what do you imagine? For most people, it would probably be the glamorous beach resorts of Cannes, the super yachts lining the Port of St Tropez and the prestigious upscale casinos of the micro-state of Monaco. It’s fair to say that the Mediterranean coast of Southeastern France, or Cote d’Azur as the locals would call it, has certainly gained itself a long-standing reputation as the go-to holiday hot-spot for the world’s rich and famous. Originally branded as the playground for international Aristocracy during the mid-19th century, the sunny beach resorts of the French … Read more

15 Best Things To Do in Bordeaux, France

I love wine. And I especially love Bordeaux wine. How could I not? Bordeaux is one of the finest wine producing regions in the world. But there is so much to this chic French city. Although Bordeaux may have built much of its tourism reputation off the back of its vines, Bordeaux has myriad ways to keep you occupied outside the vineyards. Here are my 15 top things to do in Bordeaux (including tasting wine). 1. Drive a media-assisted cabriolet through the Bordeaux vineyards I didn’t suggest you should ignore the Bordeaux vineyards completely. In fact, you really shouldn’t because … Read more