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Seville Spain

Europe is one of the most diverse continents in the world. Comprising 50 countries with borders on the Arctic, Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea, you can have it all if you travel to Europe.

Some of the most popular countries to visit in Europe are located in western Europe: Italy, France, Spain, Greece and the United Kingdom often hit people’s bucket lists.

Yet Eastern Europe with Romania, Poland and Czech Republic, to name a few, are not to be missed. And then there is the Scandinavian countries, which add another layer of culture to the mix.

Where to start? Follow your heart or, like me, your stomach. I’ve lived briefly in France and Spain and I’ve spent so much time in Italy, it feels like I live there. In fact, I run a separate Italy blog dedicated to the Prosecco region one hour from Venice.

Yet England is the place I was born and will forever call home (even when I’m not there).

Like many tourists, there is still so much of Europe I have left to see. Have a look around my Europe blog posts and, as ever, if I’ve not written about a place yet, drop me a line as I probably have some info to share.

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