Bocas Bound: Peace, Tranquillity and a Porn Bar

All I wanted was a beach that wasn’t littered with a million other British sun worshippers elbowing each other for a sun towel sized patch of sand. And I found it in Bocas Del Toro. An archipelago of islands of the north east coast of Panama, the islands truly feel like paradise lost. Palm trees lie where they have fallen, coconuts roll to a stop and remain untouched. Startfish. Translucent water and, most importantly, only a smattering of beach go-ers. A little slice of Heaven. After nearly a week in Panama City, I was finally Bocas bound. I hit Isla … Read more

Panama City Where the Rum is Cheap and the Boys Are Pretty

I’ve been writing this Panama Blog for so long, I’m over it! It has become a mental block, a bad excuse for not blogging. So, I’m taking decisive action, and all the better for your computer weary eyes…  Panama in a nutshell  Inspiration for visiting? It wasn’t the Canal, the sky scraping buildings or even the super malls (and they are ‘super’!). It was two hot men that live only in my fantasies, and, I’ve no doubt, the fantasies of every other girl who has sat through five seasons of Prison Break. Yes, the ending was a complete con (remind … Read more