11 Best Things To Do in Puerto Viejo – Costa Rica

blue sky and palm trees on beach in Puerto Viejo Costa Rica

The first time I visited Puerto Viejo, over a decade ago, the bus has to stop while a sloth slowly crossed the road. It was that kind of place. Where life (and the small amount of traffic) slowed down and nature came into its own. A string of beaches make up the region on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica and the vibe couldn’t be more different than the rest of the country.  Visiting more recently, there was definitely more development, more traffic and fewer sloths but as a tourist destination, Puerto Viejo has grown up, acquired a sophisticated side, … Read more

A Simple Costa Rica Packing List (with Printable checklist)

yellow suitcase hat and camera for travel

Welcome to your printable Costa Rica packing list… Skip to the end of this post if you want the link to the printable Costa Rica packing list in high-res PDF. However, I do have good packing tips for Costa in this post if you want to read on. A lot of Costa Rica packing lists will just give you the top level essentials of what to pack for Costa Rica, focusing on the specific items you will need for travelling to Costa Rica. I’ve give you a more detailed list so you only need one print-out to work from. Many … Read more

Your Ultimate Guide to Travel in Costa Rica

orange sunset over the beach in manuel antonio costa rica

Welcome to your ultimate Costa Rica travel guide. Costa Rica: where rainforests mingle with steaming volcanoes, where beaches are golden or black and offer surf and sunsets, where sloths and toucans are just a small slice of the exotic wildlife on offer. This small Central American country is a vacation destination that has it all. Whether you’re planning a luxury honeymoon or taking a solo backpacking trip, all travel styles are catered for – it’s not just the environment that’s diverse, Costa Rica welcomes everyone.  I’ve visited Costa Rica three times: as a solo female traveler backpacking through Central America … Read more

The Best Places To Visit in Costa Rica

black and chite capuchin monkey in a tree in manuel antonio

Beaches, volcanoes, rainforests, jungle, cloud forests, zip-lines, coffee, chocolate, eco-lodges, surfing, sunsets, sloths, whales, turtles and toucans – Costa Rica is a tropical wonderland that deserves a spot at the very top of your travel bucket list.  Having just returned from my 3rd trip to Costa Rica and having spent a few months in total exploring this small but bountiful country in Central America, I’m going to give you the low-down on the best places to visit in Costa Rica.  I’ve had three pretty distinct trips to Costa Rica: first, an extended stay backpacking through the country, a second trip … Read more

The Best Things To Do In Cahuita – Costa Rica

Wild beach with fallen palm trees in Cahuita Costa Rica

Is Cahuita in Costa Rica the new Puerto Viejo? I have the advantage of having visited the once sleepy Caribbean coastal town of Puerto Viejo over 10 years ago when the streets were sandy and sloths lumbered around the place like it was still their own. While I still love Puerto Viejo a decade on, it’s certainly expanded out of it’s former shell and developed in a way you’d no longer call it sleepy. So, if you are looking for the laid back local vibe, what do you do? Answer, head to Cahuita. Just half an hour away from Puerto … Read more

Top 10 Things To Do In La Fortuna Costa Rica

View of Arenal Volcano from La Fortuna Town

I can’t believe I skipped La Fortuna the first time I visited Costa Rica. I suppose I was on a hedonistic, one-year around the world trip (that took me six years, oops); and I was chasing to sun along the world’s coastal spots. It took me a few years of circling the globe to circle back to Costa Rica and finally wind up in La Fortuna. Instead of kicking myself for missing it before then, I did something better – I visited La Fortuna twice; you know, by way of a proper apology to this beautiful area. In this post … Read more

20 Best Things To Do In Monteverde Costa Rica

zip lining in monteverde cloud forest in costa rica

I knew when I spotted the roaring fire in the hotel bar that Monteverde wasn’t like the rest of the places I’d visited in Costa Rica, but then I’d just entered the land of cloud forests so I wasn’t expecting it to be. I only spent a couple of nights – welcomingly cool night – in Monteverde. I zip-lined, I drank coffee like my life depended on it and I gorged on chocolates. It wasn’t enough. I needed to see more, to explore more and so, after I said goodbye to my dad and flew to Miami, then Mexico, the … Read more

Complete Guide To Tortuguero National Park in Costa Rica

Tortuguero National Park water with trees

It is a truth universally acknowledged* that the more difficult it is to reach a place, the more rewarding it is when you get there. That’s proven true on so many of my trips (Copper Canyon, San Blas Islands, Senegal to name a few). However, it’s a truth not to be taken for granted in the world of travel. And as I handed over my dollars and made a note of the multiple bus, boat and guided tour times, I wondered if it would be true of Tortuguero National Park in Costa Rica. I was even more hesitant since I … Read more

10 Best Things To Do In Manuel Antonio – Costa Rica

black and white capuchin monkey sat in a tree in manuel antonio national park

The light woke me. I blinked, looked out of the bus window and smiled as I saw slithers of golden beach and aqua ocean glinting beyond the shade of the trees. This is the Costa Rica I came for. Even the air had changed. I wasn’t in San Jose anymore. Manuel Antonio is one of the highlights of any Costa Rica itinerary and it’s earned its spot there. This coastal attraction offers the perfect Costa Rican blend of nature and beaches. In this guide, I’ll give you a quick run down of the essential things to do in Manuel Antonio … Read more

12 Quick Things To Do In San Jose Costa Rica

national theatre exterior in san jose

Most people shoot through San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica and I get it – with sprawling concrete and growling traffic, it’s a far cry from the rainforests and beaches you came to Central America to see. And if you’re on a short trip, there are definitely better places to visit in this nature-packed country. However, don’t be too quick to write off Costa Rica’s capital. There’s enough to occupy a night or even two and there isn’t a better place to get under the skin of Tico (Costa Rican) life than. Whether San Jose is on your itinerary … Read more