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Central America is often overlooked and it shouldn’t be. While most people have Costa Rica on their bucket list, this swatch of land that connected North America with South America deserves more than a one-country glance.

Panama is famous for its coffee, the Panama Canal and glitzy Panama City (often likened to Miami) but did you know it has volcanoes, rainforests, rare wildlife and beaches butting up against the Caribbean sea?

And what about Guatemala with historic Antigua, the Maya ruins of Tikal, Antiguan coffee, famous Semuc Champey, handicraft markets bursting with Guatemalan life and, of course, the active volcanoes bursting with photo opportunities?

Nicaragua, too, has volcanoes to climb, cities to explore and a culture of gentle people who will crack open a beer and let you rest in their garden while you wait for a bus (I know, because it happened).

Belize is famous for its islands where Latin America blends with Caribbean culture and the beach life gives you the best of both.

Honduras and Caye Caulker are both famous for scuba diving with Utila and Blue Hole offering some of the best diving in the world.

And looping back round to Costa Rica – where else can you zip-line on the longest zip-line in Latin America. Truly one of the highlights of all my travels.

El Salvador is on my travel wish list for a future trip.

The question isn’t when are you going to go to Central America, it’s ‘when can are you going back’?

Due to the fact that I am apparently more addicted to travelling than writing, there’s a chance I’ve visited but haven’t yet put some of my Central America blog posts online. In that case, contact me. Otherwise, sign up to my newsletter here.

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