15 Best Things To Do In Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

If you do land in the Malaysian capital, don't dismiss it (after a quick glimpse at the Petronas Towers). Instead, take some time to explore this rich city where India, China and Malaysia meet. Here's my recommendations on what to see in Kuala Lumpur.

I’ve met a lot of travellers who apply the land and leave style of travel to Kuala Lumpur, seeing it as nothing more than a convenient travel hub in Southeast Asia. Well having visited the city myself on two different occasions I can safely tell you that this is certainly not the case, with enough … Read more

Recommended Hostels in Southeast Asia

Phi Phi Hostel

Far too long ago I promised a list of my recommended hostels in Southeast Asia. In order of my route, not preference, here are my recommended hostels in Southeast Asia: Singapore: Beary Best Although it’s definitely aimed at girls (the place is filled with teddy bears), even the boys can’t knock the cleanliness and homely feel of this … Read more