18 Best Things To Do in Inle Lake, Myanmar

Myanmar Itinerary Places to Visit in Myanmar Inle Lake

Looking to take an Inle Lake tour? Here’s a review of the tour I took, things to do in Inle Lake, where I ate and where I stayed. As I watched the sun set over Inle Lake, I caught sight of a local fisherman who was expertly balanced at the back of his boat. In one graceful move, he raised a sinewy leg, wrapped it around an oar and, using his foot, propelled himself and his small wooden boat forward. Leg-oar. Leg-oar. Leg-oar until he was out of view. I’d heard about this unique style of rowing before I got to Inle … Read more

How To Go Wine Tasting in Thailand (Near Bangkok)

Finding good wine in Thailand is a bit like trying to find a unicorn: elusive at best and, according to some, this mythical creature simply doesn’t even exist. And that was how I felt until I discovered Hua Hin Hills Vineyard. For weeks I’d travelled through Thailand, craving a glass of crisp, white wine. It’s the sunshine. Does it to me every time. But, to be honest, even a bold red would have done, despite the heat. I. Wanted. Wine. Yet, all attempts at ordering a glass had failed. In a country where “Red or white?” is the most common wine … Read more

How to Get a Vietnam Visa

How to get a Vietnam visa used to be a pretty straightforward question – you had to get it in advance, from an embassy. Full stop. However, as tourism continues to increase, the Vietnamese government has begun to adapt. While this is great news because it introduces easier and sometimes cheaper ways to visit Vietnam, the entry rules and methods seem to get more complicated each year. The good news is that I’ve been following these rule changes for some years and I’ve visited Vietnam a few times so in this guide I’ll talk you through your options. I’ll also … Read more

21 Best Things To Do In Hong Kong

On my first visit to this Asian cultural hub, I was so jet-lagged that my time in Hong Kong wa a blur of sights, snacks and somewhat insane sleeping hours that culminated in me ordering breakfast with a beer in an Irish bar at 4 a.m in some part of the city I couldn’t identify even if it was marked on a map. To say I didn’t do Hong Kong any justice with my exploration was an understatement. So, I was determined this time to do better. I drew up an itinerary that covered the top sights and, despite the … Read more

Tonle Sap in Cambodia – The Trip that Changed my Life

No matter which way I slice it, the beginning of 2010 was a monumentally shit time for me. My personal life had fallen apart and I couldn’t stop crying. My sleeping pattern was in tatters and in the darkest parts of the night I lay in my bed, straining my eyes against the dim bedside light, flipping through travel brochures. I didn’t know how to fix my life (God knows I’d tried) but I found a tremendous dose of comfort in an alternative solution: Run. As far and as fast as I could. I’d never travelled alone before. Not really. … Read more

20 Best Japanese Dishes To Try (Besides Sushi)

Before I visited the land of the rising sun, my knowledge of what to eat in Japan could be summed up in one word: sushi. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan and I dined out like sushi was in short supply during my month in Japan, but I spent half of that month with my dad who, after trying sushi for the first time, promptly declared (with a scrunched up face), “mmm, not for me,”. That turned out to be a good thing because it left us searching for other Japanese food to try. I have to say I was surprised … Read more

The Best Things To Do In Vietnam

Vietnam holds a very special place in my heart. Not only was it one of the first countries I ever visited as a solo traveller, it’s the country that triggered my desire to quit law and travel the world. In fact, I adore Vietnam so much that when I hit an all-time travel low last year, I bolted there to re-charge my travel batteries and fall back in love with life on the road. With all of that in mind, it’s about bloody time I wrote a thing or two about this long stretch of land in Southeast Asia. This … Read more

How To Make the Most of the Tailors in Hoi An

Hoi An is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in central Vietnam that offers a curious combination of colonial France coupled with Oriental charm. However, Hoi An’s UNESCO status is not the only reason this beautiful location is pinned to the travel map. Once a major port on the silk route the town’s perfectly preserved 15th century trading past continues to thrive today as the tailors in Hoi An utilise their magic to produce excellent quality clothes at bargain prices for the seemingly endless passing trade. With two visit under my belt, one in 2010 and another this month, here are my tips for … Read more

9 Tips for Visiting the Philippines For the First Time

palm trees in front of beach

Every now and then I come across a country and for one reason or another we don’t get on – that was my experience with the Philippines. Don’t get me wrong, the country is beautiful, the people even more so it really was not them – it was me. Three months breezing through Hawaii at the end of last year and time spent in Thailand have both given me a false sense of ease when it comes to travelling around islands. Relaxed entry requirements, and cheap flights and boats were the norm. However, in the Philippines, things are different and … Read more

Manila Sunday Brunch at the Sofitel Hotel – Review

Sofitel Manila Sunday Brunch

After almost three weeks trying and unanimously failing to find food heaven in the Philippines, I stumbled across the food phenomenon that seizes the palette of wealthier Filipinos and ex-pats alike each weekend – the Sofitel Manila Sunday Brunch. I should start by saying that there is very little that is Filipino about the food that blossoms from the cooking stations of every high-end hotel in the city each Sunday except that they take place in Manila. Sure, there is usually a Filipino cooking station, serving first rate pig ears to those who want it, but mostly people are swarming … Read more