The Best Places to Visit in Myanmar (with itineraries)

U-Being bridge at sunset in Mandalay

In this article I’ll explain the best things to do in Myanmar. At the end, I include suggested itineraries for 7 days, 10 days, 2 weeks and 3 weeks in Myanmar. I’ve written more detailed guides to most of these locations and will include links below. Yangon Things to do in Yangon The above is just … Read more

The Best Hotels In Ngapali Beach, Myanmar

Myanmar Itinerary Places to visit in Myanmar Ngapali Beach

I loved my 3 weeks exploring Myanmar but there is no denying that the country with it’s new tourist infrastructure can be exhausting at time. So, by the time I hit the end of my exploration of Myanmar I was beyond ready for some beach time. I spent four nights in Ngapali Beach and did … Read more

15 Best Things to Do in Yangon, Myanmar

Golden Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon

In this article you will find out the best things to do in Yangon, Myanmar, together with recommendations for where to eat and sleep. I’ve also created a map with Google maps showing all of the majors sights mentioned here. You’ll find that at the end. For many visitors, Yangon will be the first interaction they’ll have … Read more

The Best Pagodas in Bagan to Visit (with Map)

Thitsarwadi Pagoda in Bagan Myanmar

There are thousands of pagodas in Bagan – I know, because I’m pretty sure I saw them all. Ok, maybe not but swinging by almost 20 of them made it feel like I’d seen every pagoda that exists in the city. While it may have been exhausting at the time, it gave me a good basis … Read more

The Best Things to Do in Bagan – Land of Pagodas

Hot air balloons over the temples in Bagan

Once upon a time, Bagan was under a siege of development. Between the 11th and 13th centuries over 10,000 temples, pagodas and monastaries were built in the city. Today, around 2,000 of them still exist; all crammed into a 13 by 8 kilometres area that has become the Bagan Archeological Zone. So, it’s safe to … Read more

How to Take the Boat from Bagan to Mandalay

sunrise in Bagan on the Irrawaddy river

There was no way I could go to Myanmar (formerly Burma) and not travel the road to Mandalay. Rudyard Kipling had all but demanded it in his iconic poem about the city. O the road to Mandalay,Where the flyin’-fishes play,An’ the dawn comes up like thunder outer China ‘crost the Bay Rudyard Kipling, Mandalay (1890) … Read more

What You Need To Know Before Visiting Myanmar

Temple in Bagan myanmar with hot air balloon

Myanmar is unlike any other country in Southeast Asia. Having only opened up to tourism in recent years, infrastructure can be lacking and travel can be challenging but this won’t be the first guide to tell you that travelling through Myanmar is totally worth it. And now is the time to go. Spend anytime in Southeast Asia … Read more

18 Best Things To Do in Inle Lake, Myanmar

Fisherman at sunset on Inle Lake

As I watched the sun set over Inle Lake, I caught sight of a local fisherman who was expertly balanced at the back of his boat. In one graceful move, he raised a sinewy leg, wrapped it around an oar and, using his foot, propelled himself and his small wooden boat forward. Leg-oar. Leg-oar. Leg-oar until he … Read more