Best Kruger National Park Safari on a Budget

Kruger Safari from Johannesburg - giraffe

Over 100 years old, covering nearly 20,000 square kilometres and home to The Big Five (lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo), Kruger National Park in South Africa is one of the oldest, largest and most popular safari parks in Africa. Which is why I chose Kruger for my first ever safari. As a complete newbie, I had zero experience planning a safari, which might lead you to conclude that I spent months planning my trip. That wasn’t how it worked out. I booked my flight in decent enough time – got myself a great Black Friday deal with Virgin Atlantic … Read more

Safari Packing List – What You Need To Take On Safari

Perhaps it was because I flew to South Africa just after New Year, and my brain was still addled with sherry, but I didn’t give a great deal of thought to my safari packing list. I just threw a handful of ‘adventure’ items into my bag and pointed myself towards Johannesburg for my month long trip to South Africa. During that time, I took a safari in Kruger National Park where my lack of planning was quickly evident. On the first day, the guide sent me back to my room to change because I was wearing the wrong colours. But … Read more

10 Best Things To Do in Cape Town – South Africa

Despite being surrounded by oceans and beaches, Cape Town isn’t the kind of place you go to lie down. Immediately, you’re drawn inward towards the towering vision of Table Mountain. East, the vines pull you into the thick of Stellenbosch. Even South, down towards the water, the penguins at Boulders Beach live playfully, still keeping you away from the water’s edge. And that’s before you get to tales of long ago explorers, stories that litter the coastline as prolifically as the shipwrecks they’ve long left behind. Of course, dipping your feet in the Atlantic can also be fun, especially if … Read more

14 Best Things To Do in Johannesburg for Tourists

Johannesburg defies all logic. And, had a meteorite not stuck the region 2020 million years ago, encouraging gold up to depths that could be mined, the city probably never would have existed. At 1,700 feet above sea level and with no natural water source, Johannesburg contains none of the natural or geographical infrastructure that helps a city thrive and survive. Yet, it has done both those things, making it the world’s largest city not on a coastline. However, the sad reality is that where there is gold there is outside interest and it didn’t take long for the battle for … Read more

Should You Take The Baz Bus in South Africa? A Baz Bus Review

The Garden Route South Africa Baz Bus review

“It’s dangerous.” “Especially for a woman on her own.” “You definitely shouldn’t drive the garden route by yourself.” If there was one piece of consistent advice I received when I was in South Africa it was that driving the garden route – the famous stretch of road from Cape Town up to Port Elizabeth – was a dangerous idea for a solo female traveller. “Really?” I asked. “Because the roads look pretty safe to me.” I’d been in Johannesburg for days and was surprised at how easy the roads looked – little traffic for a major city, good road surface … Read more

The Gambia’s “Roots”: When Good Intentions Lead to Bad Tourism

“I bet Alex Haley would turn in his grave if he could see this village now,” I whispered to my friend. We were sat under the cover of concrete and the King of the village (who happened to be a woman) was presenting certificates for sale. They were simple photocopies on plain A4 paper serving as a memento of a trip to the village Juffureh. The cost was less than £1, a price I, like most tourists, could easily afford, but that wasn’t the point. Unlike most of the tourists before me, there was something I needed to know – … Read more

The Sights of Senegal: Fathala Wildlife Reserve

Fathala Wildlife Reserve

One of the main attractions of The Gambia was its prime location in the midst of Senegal and despite such a short trip to the region I was determined to cross the border to see the sights of Senegal even if it was only a brief glimpse. After some research (yay – I can do it!) I concluded that the best option for such whirlwind visit would be to Senegal’s version of the Serengeti and specifically, Fathala Wildlife Reserve. Admittedly, this part of Africa is not best known for its African wildlife and much of it is not native to … Read more

A Day Exploring the Sights of The Gambia

Sights The Gambia

After a long cold British winter, lying on a beach was top priority for my short jaunt to West Africa perhaps with a fleeting trip to see the sights of The Gambia in between. However, somewhere between my first round-the-world trip and my subsequent travels I have lost my patience for sitting still and after a day and a half basking in the sun, glass of wonjo juice in hand, I was itching to explore. I’ve already written a post about the controversial subject of female sex tourism in The Gambia but fortunately it’s not the only activity on offer. … Read more

Let’s Talk About Sex: Female Sex Tourism in The Gambia

Sex Tourism in The Gambia

If you’ve reached my site because you are searching for sex tourism in the Gambia (and my site statistics tell me that a fair number of you are), I’m afraid you have come to the wrong place. However, please read on before you click-off. Sex tourism is a complex subject and the following represents my views, but I urge you to consider them in the hope that the lives of many, yourself included, can be improved by more thoughtful consideration of this issue. The Gambia is a small slither of land than carves up the greater mass of land that … Read more