Flying Home After I Tore My ACL


Below, I share my story of how I tore my ACL while I was on vacation in the British Virgin Islands. Of course, nobody wants to rupture their Anterior Cruciate Ligament. But I can promise you that you really don’t want to pop it while you’re away – because you have to figure out how … Read more

20 Gadgets To Help Your ACL Knee Surgery Recovery

TRX trainer on a yoga mat

I wasn’t prepared for my ACL surgery. I wish I’d done more research about the recovery process, the physio required, and even the practicalities of how to get around a 3-floor triplex apartment on crutches. But the thing was, there wasn’t much out there beyond the usual medical, anatomical articles telling me which bit of … Read more

A Real Life Guide To ACL Surgery & Recovery

If you’re reading this, you already know the moment – the moment when you heard a pop and your life, or at least the life of your knee, changed forever.  It was a sickening moment.  A moment I would go back and change in a heartbeat (I don’t have many moment that I regret so … Read more

ACL Recovery – 15 Things I’d Do Differently

This might be another side-venture from my usual travel topic but ‘that post’ about my ACL surgery has fast become one of the most popular on this site. Not only have people told me it’s been a huge help, it’s offered a place for people to share their own stories and, in doing that, help … Read more

15 Things They Don’t Tell You About ACL Surgery

I recently had ACL surgery. Like most people about to go under the knife, I did a bit of research before my operation and I found all the usual stuff – anatomical diagrams of the inside of a knee, a description of what the actual surgery involves (lights, camera, scalpel). It was a bit of a … Read more

My ACL Recovery Timeline (with Scar Pictures)


In 2016 I had ACL surgery. It seemed like a no-brainer since I’m a travel writer and was (relatively) young when I ruptured my ACL, MCL and meniscus in one fell swoop – I say swoop, I mean dancing under a limbo bar. Hey, it was pretty low and I was one of only two … Read more