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  1. Sharon Fisher
    Sharon Fisher at | | Reply

    I stayed at Casa Natalia in August 2018. It is truly a hidden gem! It is near an art district and town square. I had a great evening walk. It is safe and clean. The food was excellent! Staff was accommodating and respectful. The room was clean and cozy with air conditioning! I had the pool all to myself. I hope to go there again! Jo, you did a great job describing Casa Natalia.

  2. Kathleen Goforth
    Kathleen Goforth at | | Reply

    I am planning a 4 day trip for my 70th birthday to Cabo. I have had all inclusive in the past and agree with you. I am excited now after reading your article to find some new places in Cabo since I have been there several times now. I am travelling with a friend who has never been there so hope to explore some interesting places and food.

  3. Helen
    Helen at | | Reply

    This looks gorgeous Jo. Will definitely stay here when I go!!!

    Photos are just wonderful, love the colours and I so want to be thre right now! 🙂

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