Something for the Weekend: Brazilian Caipirinha Recipe

Brazilian Caipirinha Recipe

The Brazilian Caipirinha

After months of blogging I thought I’d do a post to inspire you for the weekend….a recipe for my favourite South American Cocktail – the Brazilian Caipririnha.
The Caipirinha is made from Cachaca (pronounced Ka-cha-sa – I didn’t know that!) a brazilian rum made from sugar cane.


2 limes
2 – 4 tablespoons of fine sugar (caster sugar)
4 ounces of Cachaca – try the brand Sagatiba, available in some UK supermarkets

(Makes 2 drinks.)

Mixing it up

Brazilian Caipirinha Recipe 1
That’s my brother after a few cocktails…

Quarter the limes lengthways, split them between the glasses and muddle them with a pestle or wooden spoon – try to press the flesh side to release the juices – don’t pulp it too much or it will turn bitter. Split the sugar between the glasses and mix into the juice until the sugar dissolves. Add ice to fill the glass then pour the Cachaca between the glasses.

Stir. Sit. Drink. Repeat until you fall over.

Making it fruity

brazilian caipirinha
By: Stacy Spensley

Don’t just stick with lime. Replace the lime juice with pulped up passion fruit, strawberries, kiwi or blueberries. My favorite is with mixed berries.

Tip: Unlike Tequila, apparently the white Cachaca is better than golden, which is good because I think only the white stuff is more available in the UK.

An alternative to Cachaca:

Replace the Cachaca with Vodka and you’ve got a Caipiroska or replace it with white rum for a Caiprisimma.

Enjoy with…

brazilian caipirinha with churrasco
By: Daniel Rajat Ale
Churrasco (grilled beef and other meats) and Brazilian Samba tunes – it may be January but you can pretent it is June.

Happy weekend.


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