Indiana Jo’s Best Travel Blogs Ever

Best travel Blogs Ever

Looking for the best travel blogs ever on Indiana Jo? Read on…

I usually start the New Year with a wish list of the places I want to visit in the coming year. Sometimes I get to the places as planned. More often than not, I visit a whole bunch of different, random places that have not made it onto any list.

2016 A Year for Armchair Travel

So, why am I not doing my travel wish list this year? Well, if you’ve been following me on Facebook, you’ll know that I injured my knee at the end of 2015 while I was sailing around the British Virgin Islands and I’m currently grounded in the UK, facing the possibility of surgery and physiotherapy to get myself back on my two adventuring feet.

Against that backdrop and the uncertainty as to what this year might hold on the travel front, I’ve had to satisfy myself with armchair travel. It’s made me realise that I’ve been on some fantastic trips over the past 5 years of travel and it’s been a thrill to be able to share my stories with you.

And as I try to face the gloomy prospect of limited travel this year, I thought I’d start by sharing the 10 blog posts that have been the most popular since I set this site up in 2010. It’s a selection of topics that seems as diverse as you adventurous wanderers are so I hope there’s something new in here for you – something to get your travel bug all revved up for a fantastic 2016.

Listed in order of popularity, here are the best travel blogs ever on IndianaJo.

1. A Life Changing Experience Eating Kobe Beef in Japan

best travel blogs

Who doesn’t want to scroll through screen after screen of plated kobe beef? It was certainly one of my most memorable (and expensive meals) on my travels and definitely a highlight of my trip to Japan. I never expected it to become my most popular travel blog post, but there you go.

2. One Day in Pisa: What to See and Do

best travel blogs

Pisa is one of Tuscany’s much maligned cities…and one I happen to love. If you have the chance, I really encourage you to visit Pisa and in this article from 2013 (updated in 2015) I share where to go, what to see and, vitally, where to eat.

3. So, You Want to Start A Travel Blog? 10 Things I Wish I’d Known

best travel blogs

It’s not news to me that a whole bunch of you lovely readers are fellow or aspiring travel bloggers and every now and then I lift the bonnet and show you inside the machine that is this blog. In this I shared a detailed summary of all the things I’d screwed up so future bloggers didn’t have to make the same mistakes. Unsurprisingly, this post gets a spike in traffic every January!

4. Let’s Talk About Sex: Female Sex Tourism in the Gambia

best travel blogs

What can I say? This was one of those raw brain to blog posts that helped me process the reality of the female sex tourism trade I witnessed in west Africa. I shudder sometimes that this is one of my best travel blogs, but there you have it. There’s a lively debate in the comments section – be warned, some of the opinions are likely to make you fume (they did for me).

5. 12 Tips: What to Do if You’ve Missed Your Flight

best travel blogs

Yeah, so I went through an expensive spate of missing planes, trains and automobiles. After turning up at the wrong airport in Milan and missing my flight, I penned this post to advise other people how to cope when they’re in the same position. Again, it’s the comment section that’s as (if not more) interesting – there’s a real community of people who’ve missed flights and I’m very pleased to have made them realise that they’re not the only idiots out there. I’m pretty pleased that this has become one of my best travel blogs because it seems to make people feel better.

6. How to Make the Most of the Tailors in Hoi-An
best travel blogs

I’m no fashion blogger and, to be honest, I’ve come to hate shopping (packing light and living on a freelance writer’s budget will do that for you), so I was surprised when this post seemed to get traction and became one of my best travel blogs. If nothing else, the pictures of Hoi An make me want to fly back to Vietnam this instant.

7. Is it Worth Getting the Firenze Card?

best travel blogs

This article was born through frustration of not being able to find good information on the internet about the value of the tourist card (the Firenze Card) in Florence. The post is a pretty dry monetary comparison of how much you’d pay for each of the popular sights compared to using the Firenze Card and, as the title promises, whether the card is worth it. If you’re off to Florence and considering getting the card, it’s got exactly the information you’ll need to decide which way to pay.

8. Alternative Venice: 10 Things NOT To Do and 10 To Do Instead

best travel blogs

This article went kinda viral over on Pinterest (seriously, type Venice into Pinterest and this article comes up in the second spot, which blows my mind)… and in doing so jumped into my top 10 best travel blogs despite being less than a year old. What’s interesting is that I wrote this article after struggling to write an entirely positive piece about the city that I’m not exactly enamoured with. Lesson: even our least favourite places can lead to a great trip if you see them in the right way.

9. Why One-Way Tickets Don’t Always Work: Entry Requirements for the Philippines

best travel blogs

That time I nearly got kicked out of the Philippines before I even arrived…and why you (ahem…I) should always check and comply with the rules on entering a country (ideally BEFORE you turn up at the airport).

10. How to Visit Pearl Harbour for Only $5

Memorial flowers USS Arizona Pearl Harbor

This article is a good, old-fashioned How-To. On an island where the sea air seems to leech money from your wallet, it’s good to get a bargain and visiting Pearl Harbour for $5 instead of $75 (a typical price for tours) is what has, no doubt, made this one of my best travel blogs.

Bonus: Because life is full of highlights and lowlights, I’ve thought I may as well include a list of my least popular posts. Whether they were too quirky or just didn’t resonate, who knows…I’d be interested to hear if you found anything interesting in this list, too.

  1. Why are chain restaurants bad?
  2. The Ultimate Travel Destination: Space and Beyond
  3. Living in the Midst of a Hawaii Tsunami Warning
  4. Lower East Side History: In Stories and Pictures
  5. The Ginstitute: Making Your Own Gin in London
  6. Is Detroit Safe? The Answer from Someone Who’s Been
  7. How to Make Sausages from Scratch
  8. 3 Days in San Diego: What to See and Do
  9. Alternative Amsterdam: 7 Secret Spots in Amsterdam Noord
  10. London South Bank Walk: The Best Sights to See

There you have it – the most (and least) popular posts on IndianaJo over the years. Did you find something new? Any tips you came across that will help you in your travels? Let me know in the comments below.

12 thoughts on “Indiana Jo’s Best Travel Blogs Ever”

  1. Jo,
    Great to meet you and John. We tried to catch up with you this morning but just missed you. Please make sure to stop on your way back through.
    We were thinking how much fun it would be to hang out with you guys as you travel Baja Sur.
    Walter and Debbie.

    • Hi Walter, it was great to meet you and Debbie, too. Yes, we scooted off early and I’m glad we did because it was a long drive. I sent you a message about rerouting our plans but I’d love to plan a return visit to Ensenada and we can visit you. Keep in touch.

  2. Why oh why was your space post not popular?? I’m an astronomer-wannabee and knew my planets before my tenses… Perhaps it’s because I was actually a sentient being during the space race so it resonates but I too have a post on space on my site and no one visits it or likes it – so strange! Wonderful post – exciting possibilities!

    • I know, right? People have all the wrong priorities. Well, I’m happy that it has pleased at least one person (you!). I’m heading over to your site and checking out your space post. Glad to know I’m not the only space nerd female travel blogger 🙂

  3. thanks Jo, sorry to hear about your knee. The Florence one was where I came in after googling something to do with Dan Brown’s inferno book!
    I think I am caught up, but I will go back and check if there are any I’ve missed, but your blog is much appreciated !
    Keep up the good work and hope your knee heals up – don’t skimp on the physio!!

    • Thanks, Rosa. It was the Dan Brown book that took me to Florence too – have an amazing trip and thanks for the physio tip!

  4. Great posts Jo! Funny that you never know beforehand which ones will be popular and which ones won’t:-)

    Sorry to hear about your knee injury, I hope it goes better soon and you don’t need surgery…


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