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Once upon a time in a land far, far, away (London), I used to be a full-time lawyer. In September 2010 all that changed when I swapped my Blackberry for a backpack and set out on a one-year adventure.

Over 5 years later and with over 50 countries visited, my travel adventure continues…and I’ve taken on a mission to help you pursue the travel adventure of your dreams, on your terms and to you budget.

What’s Indiana Jo about?

In short, Indiana Jo is about two things:

1) Independent travel; and
2) Adventure

Neither of which might be exactly what you think…

Indiana Jo on independent travel

Petra Jordan Indiana Jo

I’m an independent traveller…a digital nomad – you know, one of those people who travels the world with one set of possessions, moving from location to location without even the slightest ability to read a map or decide which destination comes next. I sold my home in 2010 and have been roaming free ever since.

However, I know that I’m a rare beast. Most people only travel for a week or two at a time and even those who set out on a longer journey, whether a career break or post-college gap-year, tend to go home…eventually. This site isn’t about selling my lifestyle. It’s about helping you take your dream trip. And, for the most part, the style of travel I advocate is travelling independently, arranging everything from beds to buses to boat trips all on your own.

Why? There’s a much longer answer I need to get around to writing, but the main reasons are cost, the ability to set your own itinerary and the freedom that independent travel gives for exploration.

That said, I entirely accept that this style of travel isn’t for everybody….there are occasions it isn’t even for me.I have joined tours from time to time because even adventurers accept that other people (most often the local people) usually know best.

Not only that, some tours or packages offer great value for money compared to booking things separately, can take me to locations I don’t have the wheels to get to and…if I’m being plain old honest, sometimes I just get a bit lazy and want someone else to point to the bus I need to board.

So, yes. You’ll find a lot of information on this site about how to arrange your own independent trip, but there will also be some useful stuff, particularly on the destination pages, if you don’t want to go it alone.

Indiana Jo on adventure

Skydive in Hawaii Indiana Jo

Adventure is a funny concept. When I tell people I write an independent travel and adventure blog, they instantly think about extreme sports, imagining me base jumping off the Eiffel Tower (no I haven’t and no I wouldn’t).

Yet the dictionary definition and my interpretation of adventure is more subtle. It’s less extreme sports and more:

Any unusual, exciting or daring experience.

The beauty of what constitutes an adventure is that it will differ from person to person. Sure, volcano climbing, surfing and skydiving excite me, and there will be some of those things on this site. But in essence, adventure is about doing something different. If you usually spent most of your free time in front of the TV (sorry, mum – you’ve just been outed), a trip to Rome is likely to represent an adventure of epic proportions. And if it’s your life-long dream to walk the Great Wall of China, then what greater adventure are you likely to find?

As for me, my adventure threshold is pretty high, but my adrenaline levels wouldn’t handle it if I went swimming with whale sharks every day. Sometimes, my travel adventures are as simple as trying to tackle 72 museums in 72 hours in Florence, or eating scary foods…like courgette (a.k.a evil zucchini of which I confess I have an irrational fear).

Adventure doesn’t need to be all physical either – the challenge of staying silent for a 10 day meditation retreat in India was one of the most adventurous things I’ve tackled and the intellectual hurdle of learning Spanish while living in Mexico – something I’m hoping to do soon – promises more adventure than summiting another mountain.

So, no – you don’t need to have a desire to surf the waters of Mars to find travel inspiration here. I get questions from readers from all backgrounds, ages and with very different definitions of adventure. Hopefully, there’s a story in here for you.

Indiana Jo on budget versus luxury

Budget or luxuryIn 2009, at the height of my lawyer years I took a 2-week luxury trip to the Caribbean and it cost £10,000 (for two people including flights). I lay on a sun-lounger and sipped Champagne. A year later, I travelled the world for 14-months throughout Latin America and Southeast Asia for not much more.

The result: I personally sit somewhere in the extremities of the budget-luxury spectrum. I may spend a week camping out in a tree house so that I can enjoy a Michelin-starred meal, often I’ll take the chicken buses but sometimes I fly business, and I’ve been known to bounce from dorm-room bunks to boutique hotels.

Mostly, it’s a question of travel maths. The less I spend, the longer I can travel. Let’s face it – if I lived on my two-week Caribbean trip budget for nearly four years, I would have needed to rob a bank (all of which were sadly lacking cash thanks to the economic crisis when I decided to hit the road). However, I can’t turn my back on some of life’s luxuries – spa’s, rooftop cocktail bars, the occasional designer item. The trick, I’ve found, particularly if you’re on a budget or travelling on a longer trip, is knowing when to save and when to splurge.

You will find a fair amount of budgeting advice on here – like how to visit Pearl Harbor for only $5 because one of the biggest reasons people present for not travelling is not having enough money. Part of my purpose with this site it to show you that things don’t need to cost as much as you think. But there will some indulgences (like eating the world’s most expensive beef) on here too.

Trip planning and story telling

Trip planning

In terms of the kind of content you’re going to find, click on any post and you’ll instantly realise I’m a story-teller rather than just a Wikipedia-style resource. Yet, woven into my travel tales you’ll find the details you need to plan your trip. If stories aren’t your thing, I won’t be offended – skip through the headings and read to the end, which is where you’ll find the trip planning details you’ll need.

And if you don’t find what you’re looking for, contact me. I’ve spent a lot more time travelling than I have done writing, so there are many destinations I’ve visited that I’ve not yet had the chance to write about. I’ve helped readers plot routes, select accommodation, find the right train tickets, figure out visas and track down the best pizza in Naples.

Above all else, keep dreaming but start planning. With the right information and inspiration, you can build your own travel adventure and take that trip of your dreams on your terms and to your budget.

Want to see more?

Check out my video – 3 years of my travels in 3 minute.

Disclaimer: Affiliate Links

A final point about links in my posts.  Just to be transparent, I am a member of a number of affiliate schemes and if you see a link that points to a website where you can buy something, it’s safe to assume that the link is of the affiliate kind. What does that mean? If you click on the links and buy, I get a small commission. It doesn’t cost you any more but I get a small reward for referring you. Don’t be alarmed – it doesn’t mean that I’m letting corporate giants own my views. I will only ever recommend products I believe in. 

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  1. Ali Fairchild
    Ali Fairchild at | | Reply

    It’s funny (or maybe not) but I truly googled “how to not feel lonely traveling alone on vacation” and your article popped up. It’s one thing when I’m traveling alone for business—that’s a “reason”. It’s another when I was still married but my husband just didn’t want to go. But now that I’m single and it’s around the holidays—it’s a whole new level of awkwardness. Although I’m staying at an all inclusive (with really no bar space), your article reminded me that I’m in a beautiful spot to decompress from a tough year. Not to cut a vacation short and then wish I hadn’t. Thanks for writing this astute article.

  2. Ashwati
    Ashwati at | | Reply

    I came across your page while I was doing some research on travel blogging since me and my best friend want to start doing something which we always wanted to do..travel. This is a fresh start for both of us and even though its challenging in many ways..we are excited about it. Your blog is one of the best blogs, its motivating and I like the way you ask everyone to keep a positive approach about whatever happens.I would definitely take your suggestions and advice and share it as well.

  3. Ingo
    Ingo at | | Reply

    Hi Jo,

    thanks a lot for this very interesting and inspiring blog! Since I am more and more seriously thinking about going onto a one-year trip like you did, I am very curious about the solution for

    “I’ve discovered you can get travel burn out and I’ve learned how to deal with it” … 😉


  4. Stefan Arestis
    Stefan Arestis at | | Reply

    Hello hello Mexicana Jo!

    Loving the FB updates of your Latin adventures.

    Just a quick note to say we have nominated you for the Liebster Award!

    For more details check out:


  5. sunil
    sunil at | | Reply

    Hi ,Thanks for the info

  6. Pankaj Domadia
    Pankaj Domadia at | | Reply

    I would like to travel around like you…

  7. Magda
    Magda at | | Reply


    I got to your website while doing my research about travel blogs. I am very much flirting with the idea of setting up a blog, sharing my already-done trips and travels. Kinda think i dont have “balls” big enough yet to do it. Bad wording i know. I fear a lot of things when it comes to it, from IT skills (which i dont have) to my ability to write in english (im not native as u probably realised within 1st setence), and most of all , whether i will have something interesting to write about, non stop.
    Funny thing – I am also from the legal background, what is it with us lawyers that after so many years of hard work we just want to drop it and fly high? 🙂
    In any case since i have just started my so-called “legal and financial career path” i cant afford 1y travel, what i can do howerver is to organise as many weekends, couple -of- days-gataways from the place I currently live in. To be very frank, its my very first comment on the travel blog/website. I trully like your site, your language, your way of thinking and I feel very much alike. Congrats to your success and keep on going! xxx

  8. Katrina
    Katrina at | | Reply

    Just stumbled onto your site from another travel blog. Excited to read more about your travels!

  9. Hitch-Hikers Handbook
    Hitch-Hikers Handbook at | | Reply

    Lovely blog, Jo! Thanks for connecting with us on Twitter! Keep up the great work and travel safe!

  10. Rochelle Carr
    Rochelle Carr at | | Reply


    Thanks so much for taking the time to write! I already read the post you suggested! Loved that one as well. Look forward to hearing about TBEX and BlogHouse! You are so correct, it’s a full time job this blogging and travel writing gig. I haven’t stopped – it’s so addicting! Funny, I feel badly if I don’t write for a day. I love the creative aspect of writing, and I am a fine artist, which provides quite a different perspective for my writing. The photography is entertaining me as well and I haven’t painted this month I am so busy writing! My family laughs at me as I write and take pics at just about every meal, restaurant, and hotel. Yes, I am on WP on my own domain hosted at WP-Engine. I am going to check out Google and Planet-D. Thanks again – you rock!
    #urbanbackpacker #RochelleCarr

    1. IndianaJo
      IndianaJo at | | Reply

      Thanks, Rochelle. I think you’ve just managed to summarise in one word what my blog is to me – addictive! That will make it so much easier to explain to my friends and family why it’s currently Saturday morning and I’m tapping away on my site instead of getting ready for the party I’m supposed to attend in an hour. The combination of art and writing is a dream. I don’t possess the former skill, so I will follow your site for that hit 🙂 Just heading over to check out your Amalfi post – I was there in the summer – lovely part of the world! Good luck with the guest posting and keep blogging!

  11. Rochelle Carr
    Rochelle Carr at | | Reply

    Dear Jo,

    Love your blog and this post! I am about to surf a tad more. I am a new Travel Blogger looking for any advice and expertise you might offer at your convenience. I am looking to increase my SEO – as usual. Seems to be the question everyone asks. Do you have any ideas/favorites as to where to “guest post” as a beginner? I have read that is helpful. Any other feedback for beginner Travel Bloggers?

    Thank you in advance for your time!
    Rochelle Carr

    1. IndianaJo
      IndianaJo at | | Reply

      Hi Rochelle, thanks for the kind comments – glad you like the blog. You’re comment is timely as I’ve just attended a fantastic mentoring event called BlogHouse where I got the opportunity to learn from some blogging veterans and then I went on to TBEX where I learned even more. I’m pulling together a post to share the best blogging tips I picked up from the experts so keep an eye out for that coming soon. You might also like my post https://indianajo.com/2013/05/so-you-want-to-start-a-travel-blog-10-things-i-wish-id-known.html Guest posting is something I’m looking into more at the moment. I’d start with Google, although Planet-D one of the biggest travel blogs out there is currently looking for guest posts. Guest posting is helpful because every link you receive on another website increases your credibility with Google. My main additional tips are i) keep at it – it really can be a full time job, so dedicate as much time as you can; and ii) if you don’t have it already as a WordPress plugin (assume you’re on WP?), install Yoast – it will do most of the SEO job for you! Hope that helps but feel free to come back if you have any more questions.

  12. uncle don
    uncle don at | | Reply

    IndianaJo forwarded to me by Steve B. back in Bali. you missed the royal cremation this week.
    bedbugs? i know a lot, since the first bite in Guatemala City-1971.
    other names: mr. jobless, durian don.
    don’t try this: carried on an almost ripe (less odor) chanee durian aboard TG, BKK-HAN today…with gate manager’s permission.
    add: mr. impossible.
    you’ll have to spend May-Sept. in Indon and Malaysia.

    1. IndianaJo
      IndianaJo at | | Reply

      Wow, not sure which I’m more impressed by – that you got the durian onto a flight or that you want to eat it 🙂 Yep, bed bugs suck…though you give me an idea. If mosquitoes dislike quinine in your blood (cue: gin & tonic), I wonder if durian can repel all insects, including bed bugs. You have one to hand – let me know!

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