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  1. Lisa
    Lisa at | | Reply

    Thanks for your advice Jo! We were looking for an experience similar to what you’ve described here and were surprised how difficult this was to find in Cuba. So we turned to random google searches to try and see what people were saying and your blog was one of the first to pop up. We booked with Marlene via email, solely based on your blog, and are very happy we did! Although more rustic, this was definitely one of the best parts of our trip – Marlene, Tito and Nany were so lovely, their cooking was wonderful and the sunsets on the porch were amazing. We also did some snorkeling right off the rocks in front of the casa (and were sure not to touch the sea life! 🙂 )

  2. Steve
    Steve at | | Reply

    My wife and I just returned from a visit to Cuba and we spent 5 days in La Boca. Everything written about the tranquility of this little town and the warmth of its inhabitants is true. We stayed at Hostal Cuba and ate there a couple of nights as well as as at an outdoor place just down the street, with 4 tables (El Corral?), which was lots of fun as it was a local hangout. We cycled the Playa Ancon road and spent a lovely afternoon at a tiny beach beside the Grill Caribe restaurant where we had a wonderful lunch. It was wonderful to stroll along the oceanfront road after dinner, enjoying the quiet and ocean breezes.
    It was so handy to Trinidad – a 10 minute taxi ride and easy to get back to as well.

  3. kerri
    kerri at | | Reply

    My husband and I loved La Boca too. We visited a few weeks ago. You’re descriptions are right on par to how we felt about Varadero and La Boca. La Boca was our favorite place out of 5 of our destinations in Cuba. Best beach, best sunsets, most relaxing, best people (although the people are amazing everywhere in Cuba). La Boca was not so great in the food dept but we had a driver take us to Trinidad for a decent meal.
    One thing I might add for your readers researching their next visit to Cuba. We took a day trip to Playa Ancon (10min away) from La Boca and were surprised to see that the jellyfish made it unbearable to go in the water. I decided to let the sting wear off and forgo the long line of tourists waiting to pay 1CUC for some vinegar spray and then I bravely tried to get in a second time. I got stung immediately. I swam in La Boca’s waters for at least 30min. I’m guessing the mouth of the river meeting the ocean and the currents have something to due with the lack of jellyfish at La Boca.
    And if anyone reading this is heading to La Boca, I can’t recommend enough traveling to Cienfuegos for some more relaxation and hanging with some great Cuban folks, experiencing the culture of this seaside town and staying in some comfy casas.

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  5. Marle y Tito
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  6. jimena
    jimena at | | Reply

    Hi!! I will be staying in La Flerida as part of my belated honeymoon trip to Cuba (which doesn’t include a trip to Varadero or to any other all-inclusive) for New Year’s. We’ll be staying for two nights of doing nothing but read, walk around, look at the ocean and red some more. All thanks to your post so I’ll say hi to Marlene from you!

  7. Scott
    Scott at | | Reply

    Hi Jo. Great commentary. do you knowanything about Playa La Boca north of Holguin? im a fly fisherman(low budget) and looking desperately for some flats where you can wade and locate bonefush(macabi in spanish). Any help you can give greatly appreciated.
    Scott USA

  8. Jessica Zais
    Jessica Zais at | | Reply

    Thank you! I was having trouble finding good information about La Boca! Great information. : ) Happy travels!

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