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  1. David Ouellette
    David Ouellette at | | Reply

    I enjoyed reading this Jo! Though I must say, I only realized this took place in Spain, not Nicaragua, when you mentioned the price.

  2. The Wanderfull Traveler
    The Wanderfull Traveler at | | Reply

    Lol I think that guy needs to experience a real party.
    The more I read your reviews of hostels the more I think I should try one.

  3. Corinne
    Corinne at | | Reply

    A review of two hostels…thanks! I’m always looking for this kind of information when I travel. I agree…it’s just not that hard….

  4. Jac
    Jac at | | Reply

    That sounds like an awesome stay! I just hope for your first hostel it was a rather cranky dude more than the hostel actually being so unaccommodating, and I’m not sure he really understands ‘partying’ 😛

    But if I ever head back to Granada, I know where to go! 🙂

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