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  1. Michael
    Michael at | | Reply

    We traveled on Virgin Trains in June 2014. London to Holyhead Ferry to Ireland. We had a wonderful experience.


  2. Alec
    Alec at | | Reply

    The thing about tickets obtained through fast-ticket machine is that they are real tickets just like the ones you buy over the counter. They have no names on them so can be used by anyone who is eligible (e.g. child ticket by a child). The reason they don’t let you reprint tickets is that the original tickets are still valid and can still be used for travel (and there is no mechanism for cancelling them), and the dishonest can claim to have lost the original, get them reprinted and take another passenger along without paying.
    This isn’t the case with print-your-own tickets because you have to travel with the payment card used and show it on request, and in my experience the train manager and ticket collector always ask to see it.

  3. Corinne
    Corinne at | | Reply

    Thanks for this post. As usual, we learn lessons when things go awry. This always seems to be expensive, but then we remember those lessons. Hopefully your expensive lesson will be learned by others. Great hints!

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