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  2. Howard
    Howard at | | Reply

    I bet you probably don’t like coconut meat either lol
    That texture is exactly what people like about.

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  4. Maria
    Maria at | | Reply

    Hi! This is a great and i can relate to article about fugu ☺! I ate Fugu last year because YOLO 😁! Me too…i was all fugued out (really liked this 😁) 😁! Good suggestion about the ala carte. We took the Meitetsu Fugu course meal package tour.

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  6. Steve Su
    Steve Su at | | Reply

    I’ve always wondered about fugu. I love sushi, but usually the more fatty fishes. My guess is that my reaction would be just like yours. I’ll bet the fish is more valued for the exoticism, and less for the taste alone. Thanks for the fun read.

  7. Chanel | Cultural Xplorer
    Chanel | Cultural Xplorer at | | Reply

    Nice pics Jo! I too ate fugu back in 2011 when I visited Japan and loved it!

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