Officially Homeless – What now?

September 2010: 17 Days Until the Big Trip

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I’ve handed over the keys and I’m now without home. I had a moments panic – what the hell now. No job, no home…so I did what I always do in moments of uncertainty. I headed to the pub.

No, not for booze, it was only 10:30am which is too early even for me, but a coffee, sausage sandwich (still labouring under the misapprehension I need to put on weight), free wi-fi and some excellent travel advice from the guy behind the bar.

I’m rapidly coming to realise that most people have a travel story and are more than happy to share. I now have the name of a fantastic sounding eco-lodge in the Bolivian Amazon and some good tips for getting out of La Paz in the event of riot 🙂

I think I’m going to adjust to this work free, home free, ties-free lifestyle.

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  1. Gemma
    Gemma at | | Reply

    I was reading your article on starting a blog (measuring up leaving Travellerspoint to set up own domain) and clicked hyperlink for MiFi but it took me here. Was wondering what MiFi was?

  2. Jerry Matacale
    Jerry Matacale at | | Reply

    I will soon be “without a home” and traveling cris-cross country to “find myself”… And am using your tips to setup my own blog to record my misadventures in. Thanks for all the good info!

  3. Ernest Constant
    Ernest Constant at | | Reply

    I love yr video Indianajo, I myself love traveling and plan to start travel blogging. Any words of advice you can give me?

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