I’ve Arrived

Well, I have survived the first leg of my journey, including negotiating the Metro in madrid with my biggus bagus (my Spanish is coming on a treat!). The whole ´public transport´and arriving at an airport was new to me and I had to force myself away from the taxi rank, but I did it – how else will I afford my spa tomorrow? 🙂

Hostel is decent enough considering the lack of any stars but I am a little dismayed to discover from the guy running the place that the Spanish pronunciation of the ´J´in Jo makes me ´Ho´. Nice. At least there is free coffee and a cleaner. Just like home!

Right, that´s enough chit’chat. I have a city to explore – Tapas and Tio Pepe for me (the last bit is a lie but sounds Spanish).

I will leave you all with a sample of the crazy letters on this Spanish keyboard¨?¿¿?ñ?¿çñ

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