International Relations at Risk

So, being very pleased at myself for having arrived in one piece and without having been relieved of my possessions (I could only wish someone would lighten the load), things went a little down hill.

Flumoxed by the language and quickly realising I was in tapas land and living on a budget, I decided to brave a local, backstreet taperia (I made that word up, but I like it 🙂 ). Anyway, it was a place fit for a girl called Ho – no seats, litter on the floor and 1 euro beer – so I bravely walked (ran?!) in.

Mistake number one was ordering from the menu without knowing what the hell I’d asked for…turns out breakfast is just as nice at 8pm as 8am.

Mistake number two was unforgivable. I mistakenly drank a local’s beer. In my defence, it was very close to mine and, well, if she isn’t gonna keep her hands on it….There was a bit of ranting and scowling (from her – I was happy having had a free sip) so I tried to appease her with my best Spanish. However, judging by her response, I must have said she smells of cat’s breath, because she left. And I finished her beer. JOKE! (thought I was tempted – well, I am on a budget!).

Things picked up after that and I met a lovely couple, Ernesto and Susano. I’m not kidding. They put the ‘o’s on, though in hindsight, they may have been taking the piss, especially after they commented on my interesting approach to an evening meal. I admitted defeat and went to bed (hopefully bedbug free!)

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