Christmas Comes Early

Thirteen boxes of anti-malarial pills. It might not sound like a lot but in total they equate to almost half of my rucksack (new house). So, I’ve spent the last half hour pushing pills through their little foil casing to redistribute them into one of those much smaller brown pill bottles. (I’m told this will not get me into trouble in Bagkok – we’ll see). Anyway, I feel like I’ve just finished the world’s longest advent calender and I’ll be expecting a full range of presents in the morning. Clearly that won’t include the credit card bill for the pills. At £2.11 per pill, a large part of me wonders whether malaria really is that bad?

Speaking of Christmas, I am hoping my brother is enjoying his new toy – my Mac (remember, Ste: it’s a lend not a giv!). Meanwhile, I’m adjusting to a netbook on windows. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. It’s like going back a decade. And I nowunderstand why some of you have not been able to see the font on my blog. I will fix it as oon as I can gain enough composure to stop cusing that Gates man and throwing jam toast at the screen. Until then, please stick with me…

PS: having tried to read this back, I can barely make out the text myself (another grrrr) so please enjoy he typos. If they are anything like my bad texting skills, you shoulod have fun working out what the hell I’m trying to communicate.

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