Bionic Woman – Not!

I have flu like symptoms and can’t decide whether it is just a seasonal bug or a hint of something more exotic – rabies, typhoid? I went for a further round of shots today and despite having a temperature, my ‘compressed schedule’ for jabs doesn’t allow me the luxury of heeding the advice to avoid vaccination if you’re not well 🙂

But that turned out to be the least of my problems. The first of today’s two jabs hit a nerve sending my arm into involuntary spasm. Pretty freaky to look at and not the best invitation for a second needle. Ouch. Just about recovered and ready to leave the surgery the nurse disappeared only to return with a confession…she’d not actually given me the vaccination, I’d just had a saline shot. Huge apologies and another stab later, I now have two sore arms and can confirm that getting water in the arm actually hurts more than a small drop of something deadly. Always helpful to know.

In the meantime, I’ve been sent home under instructions to ‘get better! (demand)’ before Friday for the next round. I’ve put it on the long to do list and will hopefully get round to it between 3 and 4 tomorrow.

On a more positive note, last day at work tomorrow. Can’t believe it. Wish I’d been less busy to enjoy the lead up. At this moment I’m so bone tired I am planning on spending a year sleeping!

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