Into the wilderness

Another night spent in the garage – very glamorous. It’s amazing how much rubbish you (I?) can accumulate and makes me wonder even more how the hell I’m going to survive with just one bag for a year. I did a trial ‘pack’ the other night and realised that a year’s stash of contact lenses, anti-malarial pills and lip balm (essential item!) pretty much fills up the space. I googled Mary Poppins’ bag. So far, no joy.

Prolonged time in the garage has also taught me that I need to get to grips with my creppy crawlie phobia PDQ. With my back pack full, there is no way I can fit a sieve and splatter pan cover in there too (my preferred apparatus for liberating home-dwelling creepies). Maybe I’ll just have to go for aversion therapy in the Amazon. I’ll let you know how that goes…my hopes aren’t high.

But at least my risk of catching a deadly disease should be reduced seeing as a nurse at my GP seem intent on giving me a small does of pretty much everything going. It was Rabies and Hep B on Monday. No foaming at the mouth, so I think I’m good. Yellow fever to look forward to next week. I’m guessing that might be a biggy given she has sent me home to read some literature first. Perhaps it’s the word ‘Solicitor’ scrawled in red on the front of my file. Don’t know what she’s worried about. In the unlikely event the shot kills me, I’m hardly likely to sue 🙂

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