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  2. Ed
    Ed at | | Reply

    My blog is almost nothing BUT these kind of crazy travel stories. Some just don’t have lessons you can prepare for. Example: I went running in a regular neighborhood in California and was attacked repeatedly by a Falcon! Not sure what the lesson is there. Don’t run? Run with a helmet? Run on a treadmill instead? I will agree with you about Belize City though. We got out of there fast. The rest of Belize was wonderful.

  3. Nick
    Nick at | | Reply

    Agreed. Nothing good is in Belize City.

  4. Viktoria
    Viktoria at | | Reply

    What an energy in in read and great way to begin a Saturday! Fantastic, Thank you!

    1. Viktoria
      Viktoria at | | Reply

      Entertaining… argh!

  5. rosa
    rosa at | | Reply

    fantastic post as usual. Just for a laugh went to TripAdvisor to read the reviews of your guesthouse….
    Probably a good exercise in disseminating review information LOL

    can’t wait for part 2….

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