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Jo Fitzsimons is a freelance travel writer who has visited over 60 countries. is the place where she shares destination details, travel itineraries, planning and booking tips and trip tales. Her aim: to help you plan your travel adventure on your terms and to your budget.

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  1. Amy Farah
    Amy Farah at | | Reply

    This list was so fun to read!! Thank you for sharing 🙂 When I need to build up the courage to travel in spite of my finances and worried parents, I always read through your blog for hours and feel so much better. I’m building my travel blog slowly but surely– you are a big inspiration for me.

    – Amy Farah

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  5. PetraLikesYoga
    PetraLikesYoga at | | Reply

    I love to travel and truly admire your zest for adventure and how it changed you. My question is…is there a place you come back to? Every Xmas or December? A spot in the world that feels like ‘family ‘ you want to stay longer. I meet a few travelers that eventually found it…may it be in Goa, KoPangahn or Gili Air or Berlin…they decided to return year after year to this particular spot…and some of them settled down, made it their new home, became part of that culture and way of life.

  6. Bernadette
    Bernadette at | | Reply

    Travelling is not all about getting travel insurance for your benefits. There are other things worth doing such as the 101 list you have here. They’re really practical and have the ability to change one’s perspective. Thank you!

  7. Ana
    Ana at | | Reply

    Loved it! It is me! 🙂 everything! It feels like I wrote it! hhahha
    You have inspired me to write my own 101 list 😉

  8. Ravi
    Ravi at | | Reply

    What a great list! I love travelling too although my life is all about family and raising my kids now. But maybe when they’re older I’ll be travelling again 🙂 But some really great tips about life in general on your list!

    1. IndianaJo
      IndianaJo at | | Reply

      Thanks, Ravi! It sounds like you have the perfect opportunity to teach your little ones the beauty of travel. Hope my list can help inspire your next trip!

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