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Hello there, travel friend! I’m Jo. Former Lawyer. Coffee drinker. Yoga lover. Mosquito killer. Eternal wanderer. In 2010 I quit law, bought a round-the-world ticket and kind of forgot to come back. Nomadic for 6 years, I’m now back in England but still travelling as far and as frequently as possible.

On Indiana Jo, you’ll find everything from solo female travel to city guides, country itineraries, packing lists and travel hacks. All with a bit of British humour thrown in. Find out more about me.

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Most recently, I’ve been travelling around the UK and Greece.

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Visit Prosecco Italy

Rolle church in Prosecco region Italy

Just one hour from Venice…I’ve visited Italy’s Prosecco region so many times, I decided to create a website dedicated to Prosecco. You can find more Italy food, drink and travel guides as well as Prosecco tours over on Visit Prosecco Italy.

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