International Relations at Risk

So, being very pleased at myself for having arrived in one piece and without having been relieved of my possessions (I could only wish someone would lighten the load), things went a little down hill. Flumoxed by the language and quickly realising I was in tapas land and living on a budget, I decided to brave a local, backstreet taperia… Read more →

I’ve Arrived

Well, I have survived the first leg of my journey, including negotiating the Metro in madrid with my biggus bagus (my Spanish is coming on a treat!). The whole ´public transport´and arriving at an airport was new to me and I had to force myself away from the taxi rank, but I did it – how else will I afford… Read more →

Christmas Comes Early

Thirteen boxes of anti-malarial pills. It might not sound like a lot but in total they equate to almost half of my rucksack (new house). So, I’ve spent the last half hour pushing pills through their little foil casing to redistribute them into one of those much smaller brown pill bottles. (I’m told this will not get me into trouble… Read more →

Officially Homeless - What now?

Officially Homeless – What now?

September 2010: 17 Days Until the Big Trip I’ve handed over the keys and I’m now without home. I had a moments panic – what the hell now. No job, no home…so I did what I always do in moments of uncertainty. I headed to the pub. No, not for booze, it was only 10:30am which is too early even… Read more →

Bionic Woman – Not!

I have flu like symptoms and can’t decide whether it is just a seasonal bug or a hint of something more exotic – rabies, typhoid? I went for a further round of shots today and despite having a temperature, my ‘compressed schedule’ for jabs doesn’t allow me the luxury of heeding the advice to avoid vaccination if you’re not well… Read more →

Into the wilderness

Another night spent in the garage – very glamorous. It’s amazing how much rubbish you (I?) can accumulate and makes me wonder even more how the hell I’m going to survive with just one bag for a year. I did a trial ‘pack’ the other night and realised that a year’s stash of contact lenses, anti-malarial pills and lip balm… Read more →

One step closer

Very excited! I’m making some real progress. Here’s the list so far: House sold – check Leaving date agreed with work – check Backpack purchased – check Ticket purchased – check Backpack purchased – check (sometimes you need to recognise a mistake, rectify it and move on. My second choice is much better!) The question now is whether I can… Read more →