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How to use the tube in London

How to Use the Tube in London (Without Pissing off the Locals)

Want to find out how to use the Tube in London (without pissing off the locals)? Read on… I’ve been using the Tube in London a lot recently and as I’m no longer living or working in the Capital, I’m starting to see the underground transport network in a whole new light. Sure, the Tube is awesome – it’s one of… Read more →

How to plan a trip

How to Plan a Trip: Planning An Itinerary (Pt 2)

In this series, How to Plan a Trip, I’m going to take you through everything you need to know about planning your trip. From planning your route and itinerary to how to set a travel budget (it’s easier than you think), how to pick the right insurance, what to pack, what to do with your stuff while you’re gone and a… Read more →


101 Tips for Cheap Flights

I’ve flow from the UK to Paris for €5 (total price), I just booked my flight home for Christmas (New York’s JFK to London Heathrow) for £75 and I’ve recently flown half-way across Colombia for under $50. How? A combination of experience, sheer will and a fair number of flight booking tips and tricks that I’ve picked up over years… Read more →