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Bionic Woman – Not!

I have flu like symptoms and can’t decide whether it is just a seasonal bug or a hint of something more exotic – rabies, typhoid? I went for a further round of shots today and despite having a temperature, my ‘compressed schedule’ for jabs doesn’t allow me the luxury of heeding the advice to avoid vaccination if you’re not well… Read more →

Into the wilderness

Another night spent in the garage – very glamorous. It’s amazing how much rubbish you (I?) can accumulate and makes me wonder even more how the hell I’m going to survive with just one bag for a year. I did a trial ‘pack’ the other night and realised that a year’s stash of contact lenses, anti-malarial pills and lip balm… Read more →

One step closer

Very excited! I’m making some real progress. Here’s the list so far: House sold – check Leaving date agreed with work – check Backpack purchased – check Ticket purchased – check Backpack purchased – check (sometimes you need to recognise a mistake, rectify it and move on. My second choice is much better!) The question now is whether I can… Read more →