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  1. Claudia
    Claudia at | | Reply

    BLESS! I am going to Hoi An next month, spending 3 nights there in total. So glad to read this post. I took good notes with things I should consider. I think tomorrow I will buy a fashion magazine (haven’t bought one in ages) to check what’s in. Then go window shopping to check what I like 🙂

  2. Phu Quoc
    Phu Quoc at | | Reply

    I am in Hoi An now and things are not that cheap. I think if you want something custom, you are better off going to Bangkok. The astronomical rise in the US dollar has made everything more expensive here!

    Plus the suits do not really look good.

  3. Liz Jackson
    Liz Jackson at | | Reply

    Hi Jo. Great article. Thank you and like you i would like to think that our order would help a family and am happy to get 90% OK garments. Are you able to let me know the name or perhaps where the tailors/family live in Hoian. We will be there end of June.Cheers, Liz

  4. Linda McNabb
    Linda McNabb at | | Reply

    Hi Jo

    Thanks for your blog on tailors in Hoi An, very interesting and informative. I’m goung in June so will remember your tips. Thanks again

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