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  1. Shan
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    SOme other good ones I stayed at Jo. “MD house” in Chiange Mai…AHHHMAZING location for Songkran and really nice…more a hotel though. Its trickyto find as it is set back a bit and the sign is the size of a posage stamp. I had some 70 year oldman on a moped drop me off there as I could not find it :)….Green tulip in chiang mai..nice too. A little more social too. nice roof top patio there. OK location but Spicythai that you already reccomemeded is the best by far for frst time visitors…Pong is the best!!! :)
    Bangkok- Asha house. simple but good food and all private rooms and great food and social pool area….location is ok. not ideal. Bout a 5-10 min walk to a subway station but in a cool little area.
    “Refill Now!!” is a REELLLLY nice place with an AMAZING restaurant in it but location is shit and the pool is super tiny..but cool place to relax for a day or two.

    1. IndianaJo
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      Cheers, Shan. I’ll check these places out next time I’m in Thailand…which should be some time at the end of July :)

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