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  1. How To Get Around Manila : Indiana Jo

    [...] The air conditioning is au natural with these communal-style taxis/buses. They work similar to Thailand’s songthaews and run a set route through the city, according to the number and destinations painted on the side, so you need to figure out which ones go where (I can’t say I managed it). But, despite providing the same service as the songthaew, jeepneys leave Thailand’s equivalent looking drab in the shade – these pimped up trucks come with a driver only too happy to drag you on board – your destination irrelevant, because its all for the fun of the ride. I havent seen transport like this since Central America’s chicken buses! [...]

  2. The Art of Packing Light : Indiana Jo
    The Art of Packing Light : Indiana Jo at |

    […] You can carry your bag inside the bus – the only time my bag was ‘burgled’ was when it was stored on top of a bus in Guatemala. […]

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